I did it and took the leap and created my first FREEBIE to share with everyone. Usually I put something similar down on paper during my planning process, to help me map out my year better and see when is a good time for a family vacation. But this year the diary I bought didn’t have a year planning page. So I just made my own one, then made it all pretty for you. And am now putting it out into the world, very scary for me – my introverted self is screaming at me not to publish this blog.

It is in an A4 Calendar page format, with all the dates that the South African Revenue Service wants “stuff” from us by. I included the school terms, because lets face it for us moms life stops during school holiday’s.

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I find the marketing side of business incredibly difficult. Once I signed up to be a “Golden Products” representative – think it’s called GNLD now. But man, was I bad at it, the only sales I ever made was to myself.

Cold calls and any cold contact work has me breaking out into a cold sweat. I recently had a one on one call to a mentor and she was like, you need to contact people on social media to grow your reach and let poeple know what you do, this immediately had my anxiety level soaring. 

So why am I sharing this trivial bit of personal information about me? Mostly to put your mind at ease about what to expect from me on my Newsletter list.

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It’s a new journey for me, one I am excited about! See you in your inbox!

I have a passion for making order out of chaotic numbers and papers. With 20 years experience, I have mastered getting those admin ducks to obey and stay in their rows.