I love to plan, that week between Christmas and New Year traditionally is my downtime for planning and goal setting.

This year, if you followed my Insta Stories turned my strategy session on its head. My mini person ended up in hospital, which was downright terrifying. She is making a full recovery, which we are so thankful for. One more cardiologist appointment to confirm, then it’s back to “sunshine and clear blue skies”!

We were released on New Year’s day. The rest of that week was spent getting us all some sleep. Then opening the Christmas presents we didn’t get to open. As well as trying to find a new rhythm that would allow our mini to fully recover. 

But that meant that all the planning sessions I had signed up for, and all the training courses I had planned to take were now two weeks behind schedule. I had almost 900 emails of people wondering where I was. And I hadn’t touched my own teaching preparations for my dance studio.

Stressed, grumpy and miserable, are good ways to describe how I was feeling at this time! All this on top of being worried about my mini. Hubby went back to work and Rose and I settled into a more regular routine. Which allowed me to actually start working through my emails and considering my goals. And finally planning my year!

What does planning look like for me?

  • Writing everything down/typing – I love Trello
  • Breaking all the content into months
  • Looking at what I have planned or am planning for those months and does the content reflect those plans?
  • Checking on last years planned content, what worked and what didn’t
  • What deadlines can I expect in which months, have I left enough time to get the work done for those months?

I split all of this over two days, one morning at my desk and one morning spread out in the lounge. With a coffee date in between with Melissa from FoxandOwlMedia, to chat about some nitty-gritty got to get it done things.

Now I cart all those written pages around with me, as I capture them to my Trello boards and mark it off my to-do list. 

A spin-off benefit is that, besides feeling better prepared to face the year, my brain is no longer full of anxiety and all these great idea’s keep popping into my head. At one point, I got up and after we had gone to bed to type up a quick note on a new blog and Freebie.

Next step, on my to-do list that will take me closer to one of my BIG stretch goals, is mastering email marketing! I am not as tech savvy as I could be, one of the things on my goals list, that I am planning to remedy this year.

Goal setting and planning is an important aspect of any business. As your business grows so does the need to have put in place a proper plan, and sometimes that means getting an extra pair of hands on board. Don’t let poor planning and not thinking “BIG” sink your business or limit its growth, I know it sounds cliche, but more often than not it takes a leap of faith to get you over your hurdle!

I have a passion for making order out of chaotic numbers and papers. With 20 years experience, I have mastered getting those admin ducks to obey and stay in their rows.