One of the most frequent questions I hear is outsourcing right for my business? Mostly this comes from brick and mortar businesses. As freelancers who already work remotely handing those jobs over which we are really bad at or that we just plain hate to do makes easy peasy sense.

But for businesses that have been modelled on the brick and mortar or mom and pop style, it is a little more difficult to see if and how outsourcing is a good fit.

In a previous blog, I outlined the differences in hiring an employee to outsourcing the work, so I don’t plan to rehash it – pop over here to read all about it.

Today’s blog is more about using your talents and your skills to the benefit of your business. Talents and skills are things we do really well and they don’t drain us or cause us anxiety (well not much in any case). For me, it’s those things I can do really well without a whole lot of thought going into it.

I am often floored when I ask clients to do simple things, that will help improve their workflow. It seems obvious to me, but not so much to them. Whereas for the client, it’s obvious that part A goes into part B and then connects to part C and you switch it on and it goes. But I look at all the little parts and go, UMM, what goes where again?

Playing to your strengths is an important part of running your business. Realizing where you need help is just as important as knowing which parts work together.

Choosing to ask for help is often the most difficult thing you can do, finding the right “helper” can be a quagmire of hit and miss. Especially if you are going to outsource for the first time!

There are a few things you can put in place to ensure you are getting the right person to help you.
  • Don’t wait until you are so overwhelmed
  • Create a clear outline of what you want to be handled
  • Maybe start with something small and build the relationship slowly
  • Set clear deadlines
  • Continually update each other on progress
  • Reassess regularly

Do not let your business fall behind your competitors because you feel you are not ready or able to grow. Without the right help and some faith you wouldn’t be where you are now. Take the next steps and put in place the right processes that can lead you to growth and success.

I have a passion for making order out of chaotic numbers and papers. With 20 years experience, I have mastered getting those admin ducks to obey and stay in their rows.